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New Tumblr Post: Move to Tumblr is Complete

Say Hello to My Third Blog


I Miss Typewriters

Manual Typewriter (T-Shirt)

I miss writing on typewriters. We had this black typewriter (it’s very similar to the above image) and I would write my school essays and book reports using this manual typewriter. Not to mention that I wrote my literary collection project for my Filipino creative writing class, which got an A!

The typewriter is very noisy, though. Imagine if I wrote my stories using a manual typewriter. Imagine how angry my housemates would be.

You know what I really miss about typewriters? I was forced to finish my stories and it prevented me from getting sucked into over-analyzing plot and characters. I just wrote. Plus there was no Internet to distract me from writing.

When I move to Switzerland to write and edit for the rest of my life, I will get a typewriter so I can get more writing done.

Keep Calm and Write – Under the Autumn Rain

Keep Calm and Write – Under the Autumn Rain.

Check out an old story that I posted on my Tumblr and portfolio.

Keep Calm and Write – Should I Post My Stories?

Keep Calm and Write – Should I Post My Stories?.

Keep Calm and Write

Keep Calm and Write

New name of the Tumblr blog. Enjoy.

Procrastinating Again…

Should I post my stories on Tumblr?

Moving to Tumblr

Well, sort of.

It’s just easier to post on Tumblr, because I’m always on it anyway. Plus I like the attribution when you reblog something; the Notes feature shows everyone who liked and reblogged a post. You almost always find out who posted an entry first. In addition, submissions are welcome and appreciated. Also, I love that you can put the link for your source. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about text posts all the time because you can post photos, videos, audio files, links, quotes, and conversations.

I won’t completely abandon this blog, but it may take a while before I post original content on this blog. I do plan to post links to the Tumblr posts.

I have the URL down, but I do need an awesome – and creative – title. My choices are:

  • Adrienne Dinen (boring!)
  • Writing is cheaper than therapy. (may be confused with my editing blog)
  • Writing > Therapy
  • Writing Fiction

Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment here! Thanks.

A Distraction Courtesy of Quotes4Writers

@Quotes4Writers: "Being a good writer is 3% talent and 97% not being distracted by the internet." Anonymous

Read more…

Bookworm Trumps Writer?

Now that I’ve reclaimed my bookworm badge – thanks to actual books and Kindle eBooks – I think my writer’s block has gotten worse.

I was writing a short story a few months ago, but I stopped because I ran out of ideas. There wasn’t much conflict and my protagonist was kind of weak. I wrote myself into a corner and I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it, so I abandoned the story. Then I started a story on my Manuscript iTouch app. But I haven’t had much time to write because my fiction-reading gets in the way and life (e.g. bridesmaid stuff, work, Netflix, DVDs, Tumblr, etc.) took over. It’s better than the previous story, though, as it’s about a love triangle and I’m developing the protagonist to be a slightly more kick-butt version of me. I just need to find the time to write it. Perhaps I can write something on the plane ride to Texas? If I don’t get sucked into Richard Castle’s Heat Rises or something, that is. (See?)

And I also need to revisit my account. It’s been several months (at least) already!

*Sigh* I think I need to win the Lotto 6/49, so I don’t have to work in order to pay the bills and so I have more time to write.

Elmore Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing

I found this on Tumblr in February and I reblogged it for its brevity. I have been trying to apply these rules in my own fiction writing. Especially in the story I’m writing. I’m kind of struggling, though. I have acquired so many bad habits in writing that it’s hard to break them. And I mean, incredibly hard.

I think all writers should follow these rules. Do you guys think so? Fellow writers, have you applied these rules in your own writing? Has it worked?

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